Workshop on Change Management for Nonprofits on June 13th

Mind the Dip:  The Importance of Addressing the Human Side of Change

We are pleased to welcome back Anne L. Morisseau, CCMP, with another workshop on change management. When we experience changes in our personal and professional lives, we also go through a procession of stages called the change curve.  Both small and large changes may cause us to enter a dip and disengage or lose productivity.  That is why when we know change is coming such as a orienting a new board, shifting roles, processing donations or grants in a new way or even an office move, it is important to create a plan to ensure that the humans involved understand and desire the change as well as have the ability to change.

Attend the upcoming JCF seminar June 13, 2018 from 3pm to 5pm at the Jefferson County Public Library in Port Hadlock.  RSVP to If you are unable to attend, Anne has generously offered to work one-on-one with any nonprofit to give them guidance and ideas for how to make any changes in your organization easier and smoother.  Here are ways to take advantage of this great opportunity:

  •  Send questions that you would like Anne to answer in the newsletter to
  • Schedule a private session for free with Anne if you want guidance on how to handle an upcoming change or remediate a change in progress (Send email
Kaitlin Chester