Give Jefferson Application



Deadline: Applications must be submitted online no later than midnight on May 31, 2018

What is Give Jefferson?

Give Jefferson is the United Good Neighbors’ 2018 Annual Campaign - PLUS. This year, in addition to the traditional elements of the campaign – the brochure, workplace giving campaigns and neighborhood outreach – there are some new features:

  • UGN is pleased to welcome Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF) as a presenting partner helping to manage the campaign;
  • ALL nonprofits in Jefferson County are invited to submit proposals, not only traditional UGN partners;
  • There will also be an online Giving Catalog where the public will be invited to donate directly to YOUR ORGANIZATION during the month of October 2018.

All funding sent to UGN via mail and workplace campaigns will remain dedicated to basic service organizations, and UGN operations, as it has been for 61 years.

Who is invited to apply?

All nonprofits and community-serving government agencies in Jefferson County are invited to submit a proposal for up to $25,000. The amount of your request cannot be more than 100% of the organization’s current operating budget. Requests can be made for programs, projects or general operating support. Each organization may submit only one proposal. All applicants must be available from June 8th – 29th for site visits.

Who makes the decisions about funding?

The proposals will undergo an initial review by UGN and JCF staff to ensure that

  • the proposal addresses a specific need;
  • the likelihood for success of the proposal is high;
  • the budget is realistic and appropriate; and
  • there is no duplication of services offered in Jefferson County for this service/request.

The proposals that move forward will then be vetted by a Community Outreach Team made up of local citizens who will read and review the proposals and undertake site visits for each active participant. After site visits, the Community Outreach Team will make final decisions to identify participating organizations.

On October 1, 2018, the Give Jefferson Giving Catalog will go live. In addition, the UGN Give Jefferson Workplace Campaigns will begin and the brochure will be mailed out to every household in the County. While donations made online will go directly to each organization, the funds collected off-line will be allocated to UGN and its traditional partner organizations that work to meet basic needs like food and shelter.

What can Participating Organizations Expect?

All participating organizations will have a summary of their proposal posted on the Give Jefferson philanthropy catalog for the month of October 2018. All participants are required to:

  • Actively promote the Give Jefferson campaign (tools and trainings will be provided)
  • Include a link to Give Jefferson on their website (if they have one)
  • Participate in the Give Jefferson Nonprofit Fair on October 6, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How to Apply

There is an online link at All questions have a character limit (Word.doc will count characters for you). Please stay within this limit and remember that a Give Jefferson Community Outreach Team member will interview you and you’ll be able to elaborate on the details of your request at that time.  In ADDITION to the online questions, please prepare a document that you can upload to this site answering the questions below.

Consider this application an opportunity to showcase your organization and enhance awareness of the important work you do to make Jefferson County a healthy, vibrant community.

If you have questions, you can attend one of our informational conference calls on May 8th and May 29th at 10 a.m. Call in number is 310 372 7549, conference code 858490. You may also contact Debbi Steele: 360-385-3797 or at any time.

Give Jefferson Application Content

Need/Problem Statement

  • What is the community need/problem your project or organization seeks to address and how did you determine this need or problem exists? Use data to support your case.
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters

Organizational Background

  • Why is your organization and team uniquely qualified to do this work?
  • Has this organization’s governing board approved this project? Check one: Yes/No
  • Name & email of Board President:
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters

Description of Activities

  • Give a brief description of the activities that will be included. Describe the demographics and numbers of people who will be served. Include a timeline.
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters


  • What are expected outcomes (short term and long term) and how will you assess and/or measure these outcomes?  I.e. how will you know if your efforts are really solving the problem
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters


  • Describe total operations or project costs and what portion is to be covered by the Give Jefferson RFP requested. Include non-cash contributions (e.g. volunteer labor, in-kind contributions, etc.). Describe what other funding is being sought, or has been received for this proposed set of activities, or are you wholly dependent on this campaign.
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters

Only applicants requesting more than $2,500 complete:

  • If this request is for funding that will continue after the period of the GJ campaign, what is the strategy for funding?
  • Max answer length: 1000 characters

If your grant request is more than $2,500 submit the following materials as attachments:

  • Organization’s mission statement
  • List of organization’s current board members
  • Organization’s annual budget and financial statements (balance sheet and profit & loss statement) for last complete fiscal year and one for current year
  • If this project is a collaborative effort, the application must include supporting letters from all participating nonprofits and agencies
  • If this project is through a Fiscal Agent (i.e. a nonprofit is sponsoring your project) please submit a signed “Fiscal Agent Sponsor Agreement.”


  1. All fields are required and will be displayed in an online catalog for donors to view and fund.
  2. The short description must be 65 characters (not words) or less.
  3. Your long description should be 400 characters.
  4. Photos must be .jpg or .png format and at least 300 pixels. It will be cropped square when you submit, or rejected if not .jpg or.png or too small.
  5.  Include a pdf attachment of the paper application responses and any other attachments.
  6. Review your online application fields carefully and make a copy before your final submission as the system does not produce a copy for your records.
Kaitlin Chester