Jefferson Community Foundation


For Jefferson County’s philanthropic donors and nonprofit agencies, working together is more important than ever. In this time of change to the “new normal” of decreased public funding and increased need for services, the very survival of some institutions is at stake. Going forward, organizations will need to work together to increase effectiveness and minimize duplicated activities and functions. Those that are able to come together around a shared set of values and sense of purpose will make Jefferson County a better place to live and work.

Working together can mean forging partnerships, consolidating programs with other organizations, networking through the Nonprofit Alliance of the Jefferson Community Foundation, taking workshops together, pooling resources, sharing information, engaging one another in conversations about the importance and function of agencies, and solving problems together to meet our community’s needs.
Taking this message to heart, the JCF Board of Directors entered into a collaboration with the United Good Neighbors (UGN) to work together to provide education and consultation to health and human service organizations. While UGN provides funding for immediate needs in the community, JCF provides opportunities for longterm charitable investment through endowments, donor-advised funds and scholarship funds.
The JCF-UGN collaboration makes good sense. More significant in the long term, cooperation is sure to be an example that ripples through the nonprofit community. As UGN and JCF demonstrate that we are indeed “stronger together”, other organizations will be examining for opportunities for collaboration.
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