Jefferson Community Foundation


Max and Sherry Grover  have been long time Port Townsend residents revered by all that know them. Both were wonderful artists and art lovers, and long time supporters of the local art and nonprofit community. Both Max & Sherry also shared their passion for film and baseball with their large family of friends.

Sherry, a teacher by background, had long been involved in the arts community providing both inspiration and leadership to dozens of artists and aspiring artists. Even while battling cancer, Sherry continued in her role as arts ambassador and partner in Max Grover Gallery. Sherry’s battle with cancer ended in December 2009.

Max is best known for his whimsical sense of humor and use of bright primary colors. He is a nationally acclaimed painter and book illustrator. Max reopened the Max Grover Gallery in October, 2011 with a new collection of paintings.

“The Max & Sherry Grover Artists’ Fund will give people a place to honor not only my memory but the importance of art, giving, and the nonprofits of Jefferson County all at the same time.     –  Sherry Grover, December 10, 2009

For more information, or to donate to the Max & Sherry Grover Artists’ Fund, click here.