Jefferson Community Foundation


Fund for Women & Girls Core Operating Principles:

The Fund is a voice, amplifying the most pressing issues impacting women and girls by engaging donors and other partners to invest in solutions to the challenges they face.  When women and girls thrive – we all prosper.

The Fund for Women and GIrls is designed for high impact. It is important for us to measure efforts, not just in money given, but also the process by which is was given. We believe in:

  • Worth of Women:  valuing women and girls is fundamental to creating a just and equitable society.
  • Equity and Empowerment:  all women and girls have a basic right to physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being.
  • Justice and Integrity:  change in our larger systems and institutions is necessary to improve the status and conditions of women’s lives.  We identify and learn about the root causes of issues facing women and girls and work with organizations that address them.
  • Respect and Inclusiveness:  we strive to be inclusive, responsive and accountable to our community in our grantmaking processes. 
  • Diversity:  each individual is inherently equal regardless of gender, race, culture, age, economic status, sexual orientation, ability or spiritual belief.  We strive to be a learning organization that evaluates its own assumptions that guide our perceptions in order to be a progressive and effective funder.
  • Collaboration:  seizing opportunities to collaborate, learn and give are essential to success.

What the Fund Does:

 We hope to have a positive impact on women and girls in Jefferson County by:

  • Convening: Through convening agencies, women and girls, grantmakers and other specific populations, we want to listen and learn about community needs and opportunities to collaborate.  We hope to learn about emerging programs and projects addressing identified needs.
  • Collaborating: There is power and synergy in working together.  We want to initiate and participate – we want to foster and encourage collaboration in our community.
  • Building Capacity: We explore ways to support an organization’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively by considering its capacity – the assets it has built to enable mission fulfillment.
  • Grantmaking: The FWG invests strategically in community-based organizations that address the root causes of problems affecting women and girls’ well-being.  We promote nonprofits agencies to work for positive, lasting change for women and girls by providing funding and capacity building support.

If you would like to involved in the Fund for Women and Girls, or would like to donate to continue to grow the fund, email us now! The women and girls of Jefferson County need you!