Field of Interest Funds

A Field of Interest Fund allows the community to collaborate to make an impact on a specific issue or field over time. You identify a specific or broad interest (such as the environment or the arts) and inspire community donations. Jefferson Community Foundation then ensures effective grantmaking can then be shaped over time as needs evolve.

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Fund for Women & Girls

In 2009, community women came together to discuss ways to empower women and girls in Jefferson County. The popular PT Wearable Art Show is the major fundraiser for the Fund for Women & Girls.

2018 Community Report

In 2009, we held our first event and 100 women showed up! We were thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with so much support and NEED in our county. We have created an endowed fund and each year give a grant to a local non-profit that does a special project for women and girls. We have come a long way. The road in front of us is still long and we hope to be able to provide for our community for years to come.
— Debbi Steele, Co-Founder, Fund for Women & Girls

United Good Neighbors

In 1957, United Good Neighbors was founded as an independent nonprofit to create a pool of funds for granting to organizations that serve the basic needs of people at risk in Jefferson County. In 2017, UGN became a Field of Interest Fund of JCF.

UGN was started 60 years ago to focus on strengthening the social service safety net for the people who need it most throughout Jefferson County. From homelessness to food and medical help, UGN supports those in our community most urgently in need of help. In 2017, we decided to become a Field of Interest Fund of JCF so that we could save money on administrative fees and have stronger back office systems in place. This allows UGN to focus on what we do best: connecting neighbor to neighbor to make sure everyone in Jefferson County has the support they need to thrive.
— Claudia Edmondson, Chair, UGN Steering Committee