Jefferson Community Foundation


Cornerstone Givers  show their support for the community foundation and the work it can accomplish in Jefferson County by pledging $5,000 to be paid over five years.  They make a gift of unrestricted money, separate from the endowment, hat is used to develop and maintain the infrastructure of the foundation. 

The individuals, businesses or foundations that make this pledge will be recognized for their community vision and for making an early commitment to the success of the community foundation.  They will be listed on the foundation’s website, in press announcements, the annual report and other appropriate communication material. Cornerstone Givers may make their donations through cash or gifts of stock.

Join these community minded individuals and becom a Cornerstone Giver:

John Barrett, DDS and Anne Burns
Anne Dean
David and Teresa Goldsmith
Stig Osterberg, DDS, MSD, PC
Michelle Sandoval and Marty Gay