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main_techtrades_sat-300x225The Jefferson County Technical Trades Endowed Scholarship benefits Jefferson County high-school graduates who choose to pursue career and technical education.

Members of Olympic Economic Development and the Port Townsend Chamber of Commerce began generating money for this endowed fund by proctoring SAT exams and donating the proceeds. They continue to grow this fund yearly through proctoring SAT exams. Their first scholarship was awarded in 2014.

2015 Jefferson County Technical Trades Scholarship: Andrew Ziskis

He was a self-described “terrible high school student because I had trouble focusing and didn’t seem to care about what was being taught.” In the ten years since high school Andrew has had the opportunity to travel and to spend time learning how to be a contractor under what he calls “some very inspiring mentors” Andrew has found that his passion is to be a craftsman. “I have never cared so much or been so interested in learning…I plan on using the skills I learn at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Making to one day start a non-profit organization with the purpose of teaching youth about environmentally conscious building practices.”

2014 Jefferson County Technical Trades Scholarship: Greggory Robert Should

2014 Jefferson County Technical Trades Scholarship: Serena Vilage

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